400 Series Creekside Quilt Kits

These kits include everything needed to make a complete 12 block quilt top.
Blocks, striping, corner squares and quilt pattern - all pre-cut. The finished size is approximately 54" x 70".
A border can be added to enlarge the quilt to any size desired.
For example, a 13" border will expand the quilt to 80" x 96".

Creekside Quilt Kits

800 Series Country Cuties Quilt Kits

Same format as the 400 Series only smaller. The finished size is approximately 35" x 46".

pre cut quilt kits

Our popularly priced kits have proven to be real retail winners by offering value and convenience
for today's on-the-go customer. Beginning quilters and elderly quilters with arthritis in their hands have also
found our kits appealing.

People love our kits!
The packaging is right, the color assortments are great, and the prices are unbelievable!

Try them, your customers will be glad you did!
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Quilt King Products in Liberty, KY

Quilt King Products

Quilting Products...Pre-Cut Quilt Kits,
Premium Quality Quilt Batting,
Variety of Sizes,
100% Polyester,
Easy To Quilt,
Great Looking Fat Quarter Assortments,
White and Natural Quilt Lining,
108 Inches Wide,
50 Yard Rolls, 100% Cotton

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